course of treatment

Your first appointment 

For a consultation appointment in our practice, you do not require a referral from the dentist or family doctor. If you are dissatisfied with your or your child's tooth position or if you think an orthodontic treatment is needed, just contact us. Whether privately or publicly insured, your first appointment is free of charge.

Objectives of the consultation

  • Analysis of your dental and jaw position
  • Explanation of the findings
  • Is there a need for treatment?
  • Determining when is the right time to start treatment
  • Discussion of treatment costs
  • Discussion of your concerns and questions about orthodontic treatment

Creation of diagnostic documents

At your request, we will create in a follow-up appointment all necessary diagnostic documents with photos, x-rays and models which serve as the basis for the preparation of your treatment plan.
Discussion of the individual treatment plan.

As part of this appointment, the treatment plan with the individual therapeutic steps and the necessary treatment equipment will be explained in detail. Of course, we will reserve a lot of time for you to discuss all aspects with you and are available to answer any questions you may have anytime.

The actual orthodontic treatment

The orthodontic treatment is divided into an active part, in which a correction of the tooth or jaw position takes place, as well as the so-called retention phase, which stabilizes the treatment result and keeps the teeth in the new, desired position. For this purpose, a wire is firmly glued behind the anterior teeth a so-called retainer, or removable braces are used.